Storm Sculpture Studio


S A N D R A   M U E L L E R   S T O R M

Sandra Storm is an internationally recognized sculptor, painter, and arts instructor. In over 20 years of sculpting, Sandra was commissioned to do major monumental sculptures including a Word War II Memorial - the "Bataan-Corregidor Memorial", the Harry T. Moore Civil Rights Memorial, 2 major Air Force commissions with over 40 Air Force award sculptures completed to date, a Civic Center -"Melody of Arts", Bette Sprinkle life size figure in Kissimmee, Florida, Tabor College Centennial Plaza - "Called to Serve" - a 12-foot tall memorial in Hillsboro, Kansas, a memorial sculpture in a city park, designed a WWII prison camp survivors memorial in Siberia, a theatre renovation sculpture, Astronauts Grissom, White, Conrad, Evans, Eisele, Irwin, Roosa, Swigert, and Chaffee, and is currently working on the Apollo Memorial for the U.S. Space Walk of Fame near Kennedy Space Center in Titusville. Sandra has design the Apollo Monument with 12 large sculpted panels that tell the Apollo story. The centerpiece of the monument is President Kennedy at the podium which shows his speeches about going to the moon. The tribute to the Apollo mission will honor the astronauts, as well as over 300,000 space workers, and will be the 3rd monument planned for the 2-mile long U.S. Space Walk of Fame historic park in Titusville. The Mercury and Gemini monuments are already in place.

Sandra also completed many other commissions in painting and sculpture, and has received many 1st place awards, including the Popular Ceramics Magazine Highest Award for Sculpture, the Frankoma Pottery Award for Sculpture (under her maiden name, Sandra Mueller), over 30 ribbons and best of show awards. Accomplished in oil, watercolor, marble, clay, and bronze media, Sandra won awards in juried events in Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, and Germany, before she started designing and sculpting memorials.

Sandra also taught painting and sculpture, and especially enjoyed the rewards of teaching the children and elderly. "I have very strong feelings about how art and music change the lives of our children, and would like to see more art put back in the schools. We also need to recognize the talent and achievements of our artists by exhibits, educational programs, and by supporting organizations who are supporting the arts - especially when children are involved. When children are creating, they are also learning better, and if for no other reason - they are having fun!" Sandra says she would like to continue creating monumental sculptures, whether it's a war memorial, a sculpture to commemorate an events in history, or a beautiful work of art for the community. But they must tell a story, evoke an emotion, and have meaning, not only to those involved in the project, but to future generations.